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"The Ultimate Music Guide-Paul McCartney" 

 UNCUT Limited Series . Time Inc (Londres, 2014) 130 orr.

Uncut aldizkariaren egileek argitaratutako aldizkari monografikoa da, Paul McCartneyri buruzko artikuluak biltzen dituena.
Honako artikulu hauek dira eta, dagokienean, argitaratu ziren datak:

- "Let´s just sod off to Scotlandand do things ourselves..." (2010)
- "Albums: McCartney" (1970)
- "Albums Paul & Linda McCartney: RAM" (1971)
- "It´s impossible to follow The Beatles as alll bands ever since have found..." (2007)
- "Albums Wings: Wild Life" (1971)
- "I don´t think we´re quite as good as the Stones, yet..." (1972)
- "Albums Wings: Red Rose Speedway" (1973)
-  "I´ve always seen myself as a hack" (1973)
- "Albums Wings: Band On The Run" (1973)
- "I´m not as in control as I look" (1974)
- "I like to have hits, definitely. That´s what I´m making records for" (1975)
- "Albums Wings: Venus And Mars" (1975)
- "It would ruin the whole Beatles thing for me..." (1976)
- "Albums Wings: Wings At The Speed Of Sound" (1976)
- "Christ, I´m so frigging ordinary it´s terrifying!" (1978)
- "Albums Wings: London Town" (1978)
- "Albums Paul: McCartney II" (1980)
- "Albums Paul: Pipes Of Peace" (1983)
- "Give my regards to broad street" (1984)
- "Albums Paul: Press to play" (1986)
- "I´m superstitious. I think that if you stop, you might never come back" (1987)
- "Albums Paul: CHOBA BCCCP" (1988)
- "Albums Paul: Flowers In The Dirt" (1990)
- "Albums Paul: Off The Ground" (1993)
- "Albums Paul: Flaming Pie" (1997)
- "Albums Paul: Driving Rain" (2001)
- "I´m not safe. I´ve never been sage. I love taking risks..."(2004)
- "Albums Paul: Chaos And Creation In The Backyard" (2005)
- "Albums Paul: Memory Almost Full" (2007)
- "Albums Paul: Kisses On The Bottom" (2012)
- "In my musical life, I don´t have to be a grandad" (2013)
- "Albums Paul: New" (2013)
- "Albums Paul: Classical Albums" 
- "Albums Paul: Electronica Albums"
- "Albums Paul: Live & Compilations"
- "Live and let buy! A brief guide to McCartney memorabilia

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